Friday, October 11, 2002

FERGIE'S A PERV - Well, maybe not, but when checking the news outlets I stumbled upon two very interesting articles. Apparently Fergie got sauced up (again) and got into a car with a woman and went to make move and she told him no. At least that's my take. But I have to think there was more to it then that because this woman has filed a complaint with Cape Town police and Fergie is facing an allegation of indecent assault in South Africa! WOW! After all the mind games and shit he's piled on to the Arsenal in the past . . . I'd love to see him end up in the clink sharing a room with two 300-pounders named Biff and Rocky who would like to indecently assualt him. That should teach him, fucking tosser.

Here are the article links: one from the BBC, and another one from FoxSports.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

International weeks blow . . . obviously there isn't much going on that is just Arsenal related . . . so expect little updates over the next few days until the buildup to the Everton match on October 19 starts. Unless of course I post updates on any number of our international players getting injured, which undoubtedly will happen.

Monday, October 07, 2002

UPDATE: Peter Reid has been sacked following the 3-1 loss at Highbury. This coming after his side has scored just 4 goals through 9 league games and have amassed only 8 points in those matches.

Arsenal 3 - Sunderland 1 - This game was over after 9 minutes, Kanu bagging two quickies to, in all reality, put the game away. Vieira headed in a rebound right before the half time whistle, and the Arsenal took a 3-0 lead into halftime. It was a stroll in the second half, and the back 4 weren't ever really troubled, although Sunderland did grab a consolation goal late on. No matter though, the full 3 points, and all our record runs are extended another game. The only downside was watching Mikey Owen grab a late winner for Pool and stay only 2 points back at the table. Damn him.