Friday, October 04, 2002

UPDATE: The awards just keep rolling in. TH14 has been named Barclaycard's Player of the Month, and Le Boss recieved the manager of the month award as well.

Congratulations to Thierry Henry, who was named OPTA player of the month for September, after scoring 4 goals and notching 2 assists in the month.

As reported in my post yesterday, Freddie missed the Auxerre match after a bout with migraines. He goes on to detail the problems in this article, and is quoted as saying, "It's like a nightmare. The pain was so bad this week that I puked. I was very sick - but it became even worse. I lost my vision and could not feel anything down the left side of my body" Fucking hell . . . that's not a migraine, that's an LSD reaction.

In unrelated news, my '10 beer migraine' is killing me right now. Ugghh . . .

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Had a look this morning at the video clip of the match highlights from for the Auxerre match. Gilberto's goal was well taken, great work down the left flank from Kolo Toure, who crossed into the box finding Wiltord, who drew about 4 defenders and then squared the ball off for a streaking Gilberto to fire in the goal. Well taken indeed.

Just a quick comparison between last year's CL and this year's comp: Last year Arsenal's first 3 games were played 2 away and 1 home. Through the first 3 matches they scored 3 goals, while conceeding 4, and only took 3 points (two away 1-0 losses and a home 3-2 win). This year has the same setup: 2 of the first 3 matches are away matches. In this campaign, the mighty Arse have scored 7 goals, conceeded 0 (none, zero, nothing, nil . . . you get the point), and have taken the maximum 9 points of the first three games.

So what's the difference? New tactics? New players? Kanu actually doing something for once on the pitch? For me it's all mental, all about confidence. Last season the team slowly started building up confidence, we started winning away (in England, not Europe obviously), scoring goals all the time, and it culminated in a double. I think they parlayed that success and confidence from last year and have carried it over, and I think it's made them more prepared mentally when they travel in Europe this year. They go on the pitch expecting to win, and that's what they are doing.

TH14 reckons he may still be able to make this weekend's Sunderland match after tweaking his hammy last night. Furthermore that same article goes on to tell us the reason Freddie didn't get a run out last night: he suffered an overnight migraine. Apparently he has had these off and on for roughly 10 years. Funny, I've had the same condition for about roughly the same amount of time. Although mine are usually triggered by 10 or 12 beers before sleep.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002


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Auxerre 0 - Arsenal 1 - I'll take it. That's about all I can say. Sounds like this wasn't a very pretty game at all. Auxerre had their fair share of possession and we didn't crush this side like some fans have become accustomed too. No matter though, a classic 'one-nil to the Arsenal' win, soak up pressure, hit back on the break, get a goal up, and then let the defense take over. To be fair to Auxerre, they did hit the bar in the later stages and forced a few saves from Seaman, but we never looked like losing this game. However, the injury bug has bit the squad . . . Henry tweaked a hammy and was replaced by Pennant early in the second half. Shortly after that Edu came on for Toure (not sure if this was an injury though). Finally Cole went down late in the match and although he wasn't replaced, he may have picked a knock up as well. We'll wait to hear what Le Boss has to say on these.
Auxerre tonight then . . . My last two predictions have been 1-1 draws and we have won 4-0 and 4-1, both away matches mind you. No sense in changing anything, given that I would be happy with a 1-1 draw, Auxerre is a damn good team (even without Cisse, who will be missing tonight), and I'm superstitous as all hell. So 1-1 then with Fadiga opening the scoring (although I would like Benjamin Mwaruwaru to score just so I could hear his name announced) and Super Sylv equalising. Bergkamp, Keown, and Parlour are all still out with achillles, hammy, and another hammy injuries. However Edu makes it back to the squad, although I reckon he will make the bench. Lineup: Seaman; Cole, Cygan, Campbell, Lauren; Wiltord, Vieira, Gilberto, Ljungberg; Kanu, Henry.

In other news . . . TH14 has pledged his future to Arsenal and is ready to sign a new deal (even if it means less money) to stay a Gunner. He's quoted as saying, "Arsenal gave me a hand when I was down and as long as they want me I will never walk away." Furthermore, Bobby Pires is about 3 weeks away from making a full recovery. He is currently training but Le Boss wants to wait for the full 6 months to pass before risking him.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

The FA have set PV4's hearing date for October 24. Assuming a 3 match ban is imposed, which let's face it is highly likely with the wankers at the FA, he would miss matches at home to Blackburn and Newcastle, and away to Fulham. The next match after those 3 is Sp*rs, so let's hope he makes it for that match so we can see him kick the shit out of Davies, Redknapp, and the rest of their shite midfield. Funny though, if Paddy's name was Alan Smith or he played for Thuggish Ruggish Leeds or ManUre, do you think he would be on trial? Answers on a postcard to the FA . . .
Not much news the day before another big CL match against Auxerre. TH14 has signed a new deal with Nike, which is a handsome little payout at £9million. This is reportedly more money than Beckham gets through Adidas . . . excellent! It's always nice to go one up on the Mancs, on or off the pitch.

Monday, September 30, 2002

Paddy in contract talks . . . and it's not with Real Madrid either - Hopped onto to read this interesting little article on how PV4 is currently in talks to extend his contract which expires in 2004. This coming from France Football magazine, where in an interview he said, "I am taking part in talks to find a common ground and I cannot see any reason why I shouldn't stay.”