Saturday, September 14, 2002

Charlton 0 - Arsenal 3 - Like Energizer, it keeps going and going and going . . . another win, more goals for TH14 and Super Sylv, the records are tumbling all over the place. Wiltord found the net again, that's now 6 in 6 games. The kid is in great form right now. Kolo Toure had a nice game, and Edu replaced him and gave a great performace as well. I'm a big Edu fan, he has great vision of the pitch and although he isn't the most assured defender, his passing and ball skills more than make up for that. He picked out Vieira on a run who then set up Wiltord for our second, then got on the scoresheet himself with a header set up by Henry. Arsenal gave Charlton (and the rest of the EPL) a lesson in how to kill off an opponent on the counter, scoring all three goals on the break.

So it's now 44 games with a goal scored, breaking City's mark. And it's a new club record of 27 unbeaten league matches. Well done you Gunners. And if Vieira is tired, I can't wait to see his performances after he gets a break. Charlton boss Alan Curbishley even called him the 'perfect midfielder' after the match.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Well, not too much today then . . . yesterday was a great day to be a Gunner though with Pool drawing at home to Birmingham. Kevin Nolan became my personal hero after grabbing his second winner for Bolton at Old Trafford in two years. And then there are poor old Sp*rs, who somehow managed to turn a 2-0 lead away at Fulham into a 3-2 defeat in the final 22 minutes of the match. Old boy Junichi Inamoto scored a cracker to open Fulham's day, and two goals in the last 10 minutes saw Spurs drop 3 points, and drop from top of the table.

"I'm not just tired, I'm cooked. I can hardly stand up at times. My back hurts, my legs hurt, I hurt everywhere." That sounds like me waking up after a long night of beers. But instead that quote comes from Paddy saying he is 'unnerved' by his current form, and that he is set to ask Wenger for a break. His performaces this season have been a little bit up and down, but how can you possibly be burnt out after five games?

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Well it had to happen sooner or later. My first interesting search term that referred a surfer to 'one-nil' . . . and the winner is . . . drumroll please . . . a Yahoo search on 'roy keane fucking wanker'. Thanks to whoever submitted that on Yahoo and surfed on over to my site.
"WE LOVE YOU FREDDIE . . . " - we may be hearing those words sung soon again. The crazy-haired midfield marauder came through fine in the Reading friendly, playing 67 minutes, after which he was taken off and replaced by Jermaine Brown in a pre-arranged substitution. Let's hope he gets back to full match fitness soon.
Arsenal 2 - Man City 1 - And my prediction holds. 2-1 win with Wiltord and Henry knocking in goals, I should have made a few calls to the bookies before the game, could be a rich man right now. Nevermind that though. This was a great game, end to end stuff especially in the first half. I admire the way City played, they looked dangerous coming forward and didn't sit back with 9 men behind the ball like a lot of teams do at Highbury. And I must apologize to Oleg Luzhny . . . although I still do think he is a bit crap, I don't find him at fault for that wanker's (Anelka) goal. After watching the game on tape last night, it seems Keown clearly should have done better with that cross and Oleg probably thought he would have, so a big "I'm sorry" to Oleg if you're reading, which you aren't so I'll just stop now. So anyway The Arsenal have scored in 44 consecutive top flight matches - equalling City's mark in 1937. They are now two short of the all-time record set by Chesterfield in 1931.

Furthermore the FA have actually done the right thing for once, deciding not to subject Theirry Henry to any disciplinary action following his goal celebration and T-shirt showing at Highbury last night.

Finally, I know we've all felt arsed over some of the referee's decisions in the past years . . . Vieira being sent off for next to nothing at Chelsea, Graham Poll's awful performance at Highbury last year when the Barcodes came to town, GvB being sent off at Anfield last year, etc. etc. But thank fuck that it's never been this bad.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Halftime thoughts: Our defense is crap. Luzhny is crap and slow, it sounded like he was left for dead on Anelka's goal. Of course, listening on Internet Radio doesn't do the game justice really. However, if you look at my prediction below, I was spot on, as it's 2-1 and Henry and Wiltord have scored. Of course, this game will probably end up 4-3, but it's nice to be right, even if I was only half right.
"I think it is petty. I can't understand how it is some clubs believe I would ask our doctors about, for instance, the state of David Beckham's toe." - Arsene Wenger after Sven Goran Eriksson replaced Arsenal doctors John Crane and Tim Sonnex with a Swedish specialist after the FA claimed some top-flight clubs were concerned with Arsenal getting 'inside information' about the fitness and weaknesses of their England's star players. Insider Information . . . is this Enron or football?

Now onto my Man City Preview: TH14, DB10, PV4, Super Sylv, and Sol have all been passed fit, meanwhile Lauren and Parlour are out with knee injuries, and Edu is doubtful. With no Lauren it's either Oleg Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuzhny or Kolo Toure to play at the back. I'd personally like to see how Toure plays at the back to see if he is adequate cover. I'm reckoning a close game and given our defensive lapses the past few games, I can't see us keeping a clean sheet. Still, we should have enough firepower to outscore Anelka and City. So, I reckon 2-1 to the Gunners with Henry netting a goal and Wiltord keeping up his red-hot form and grabbing his fifth of the young season. Any predctions from the 'one-nil' readers . . . all five of you?

Monday, September 09, 2002

Congratulations to Sylvain Wiltord who has won the first Barclaycard Player of the Month of the new season. Sylvain has been in shit-hot form over the first month, notching 4 goals in the first 4 matches of the new season.