Thursday, September 05, 2002

Not much going on at all today, Matthew Upson has joined Reading on a 3-month loan spell. To me this either means he isn't fully recovered enough from his injuries to play Premiership football at this time, or . . . and this is more believable . . . he is not ready for the Premiership at all . To be fair he looked decent enough in the games he featured in last year, but he was only seeing the pitch because of injuries anyway. Oh well, still have Luzhny and Steptoe. And don't forget about Efstathios Tavlaridis and Moritz Volz who both look promising coming up the youth ranks.

Fergie, Fergie, Fergie . . . what a fucking wanker you are. Oh wait, that's Andy D'Urso. Anyway, apparently Fergie got the FA riled up after reporting Paul Scholes unfit for international duty, then fielded him in their match at Old Trafford against Middlesbrough on Tuesday. Following this up he played Beckham for 89 minutes in that same game, then declared him unfit with a calf strain. Right then. So the FA have stood up and forced all players named to the England squad to report to international duty.

Finally, if any of you have are having trouble posting comments, I apologize. The HaloScan service which provides this is fucked thanks to a denial of service attack on them. Things should be running smoothly again in a few days.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

A special thanks to Darren Bowser courtesy of Arsenal-Land as he was nice enough to put a link to ONE-NIL in his links section on his site. If you haven't checked out his site before, give it a look, there's tons of content in there, and links to all sorts of other Arsenal sites. Well done Darren.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

The more I think about this the more fucking pissed off I get . . . how in the fuck can Andy D'Urso say that Paddy deserves a misconduct charge since he allegedly 'verbally assaulted' him on the pitch??? Is he fucking forgetting about the time he gave a penalty at Old Trafford and every single Manchester United player hunted him down and formed a circle around him, pointing and yelling at him the whole time. So why were there no misconduct charges brought against one or more of the Mancs on that occasion? I'll tell you why, because the fucking FA is in bed with Manchester United and refs find it a hell of a lot easier to level a misconduct charge whose past has (admittedly) shown he does have a bit of a temper. But Arsene and the players have worked on that, there hasn't been one Gunner sent off in 24 games up until Sunday's debacle.

Fuck Andy D'Urso, Graham Poll, and all the other useless muppets who pretend to ref games for the FA. Fuck the FA for never doing the right thing when it comes to their shite referees and fuck them for never doing shite period about any time a Manc gets out of line. Finally fuck Manchester United who get more shitty fucking penalties than any team, bar none. Fuck you, that's why we won the league in your back yard. Bitches!
For fucks sake, this is a joke . . . the FA have handed PV4 a misconduct charge. Apparently he said something along the lines of "Why did you give me a second yellow and send me off you spineless, half-wit joke of a referee cunt?" Then again, I'm just making that up.
Andy D'Urso and Ken Bates are two of the biggest cunts in English football at the moment. The former has decided not to review his sending off of Patrick Vieira after two yellow cards at Stamford Bridge. What a load of shite. I can understand refs not wanting to review every single card, but let's be real. Neither of those fouls were harsh and I'm not sure that either of them deserved a yellow, let alone both. Meanwhile other top notch refs (most recently Mike Riley at Highbury) have no problem reviewing and - on occasion - admitting mistakes and overturning their decisions. So why can't D'Urso? Sometimes you have to quit worrying about saving face and do the right thing for the game. D'Urso completely lost control of that game and even though the FA will be reviewing the 9 bookings and the bottle that was thrown on the pitch, its doubtful they will be doing anything about it. And to think that Graham Poll is sitting somewhere smiling over all this . . .

Meanwhile Cuddly Ken is up to his old tricks. In the pre-match programme notes before Sunday's match he took the time to welcome Arsenal, jokingly questioned how many cards referee Andy D'Urso would hand out to the Gunners, and wondered if Arsenal would finish with 10 men. Nice try Ken. Even though his predictions proved to be correct because of the the cunt referee referred to in the previous paragraph, Chelsea still wound up with 5 yellows of their own. Oh yeah, and they could only muster a draw after being up 1-0 and a man up for most of the second half. All this from the team Bates once hailed as 'the Manchester United of the South.' Top-notch!

Sunday, September 01, 2002

Arsenal 1 - Chelsea 1 - Well, nothing like trying times to show the true spirit of Arsenal. Down 1-0 at the half, then seeing Patrick Vieira sent off for a second bookable offence within 10 minutes in the second half, even I didn't think they could scramble a point away against a Chelsea team that ran Arsenal dead in the first half. But then comes Kolo Toure, and from out of the blue (pun intended) Arsenal grab an equalizer. After that we looked like scoring a second even though we were down a man, Toure was putting in a tireless performance, Chelsea were defending with everything they had and Arsenal were flying forward. All in all I think any Gooner will be pleased with this result. In the first four games we have had two tricky away derbies, and have survived with two draws when things could have been much, much worse.

So the unbeaten run now spans 25 matches. And it's now 21 away games without defeat, and Arsenal haven't lost at Stamford Bridge since 1995.
First half thoughts from the away match at Chelsea: The boys are really up against it to say the least. Henry is unfit, so that gave Wiltord and Kanu the start upfront. The half started even enough, but Edu limped off in the 31st minute and was replaced by Kolo Toure. And since then Arsenal have been run ragged. It's not looking good. Oh yeah, and fuck Gianfranco Zola.

Some other thoughts: I'm not sure why Arsenal's numbers of bookings and discipline are always brought up. It seems like pretty much every game we play the opposing team picks up more bookings than us. Chelsea have three yellows in the first half and the Arse have one. Remember the away game at Manchester United (when we won the league last year) when the Mancs were haacking any time we touched the ball. Teams are hardpressed to keep up with the speed and passing of Arsenal, but the players have to stick up fr their teammates and if that means we have to send a few messages and get a few yellows to show opposing teams they can't hack us all over the pitch, so be it then.

Speaking of bookings, there's Roy Keane again. I haven't seen the incident but I would pretty much bet that the elbow was intentional. And of course Fergusmoan thinks Keane was done wrong by the decision, saying "I do not think he swung an elbow - he put an arm across his face. If the referee deems it a sending-off I do not know what we can do. The player McAteer went down quickly which is disappointing. We will see what the offence is but my gut feeling is it was very soft." Read the United's boss thoughts and more about the incident here.